Dec 28, 2009

I Become So Numb

No graphical image,no stylized picture, no beautiful fonts will describe the state of mind I'm in at the current time so just want to keep it simple by just filling in some words.Dont know how many would read my post but still I'm writing for my own sake.


                        Few days back an incident opened my eyes of how fool I was,actually my friends would say it was long ago but the ghost still haunts me again and again and reminds me of how fool i was or have been for a whole long period.No I dont wanna blame anybody for my state and I'm not at all depressed of being in such a state, actually I feel quite releaved in this form of mind,yes complete solitude!!!!!!!!!!!
            A friend once told me " Bus,Train aur Larki in sabke piche daur na mat ek jati hai dusri ati hai" ha ha,such a funny fellow he is.Yes everybody, is telling me its enough come on move on,but was i really settling down that i need to move. yes and no at the same time,why ? dont ask me I'm too idiot to answer such a question.
            "We don’t need no ejucation" sings the Pink Floyd and "I become So numb" with Linkin Park,where when how answers all unknown unanswered................
                Ohh what am i saying does they really have any meaning at all?I would say why you dont know me?that you are trying to find meaning in my words?
                To the Queen of the Moon,to the Piggy darl of childhood,to the gal whom i never could say.Yeah you all were right,I was the wrong one,I was the real inglourious,but you all deserved more,much more than this "Opodartho jonmo amar, opodartho kormo amar"singing man could get for you. Forgive my ignorance you all whom I thought only thought for me about me,but real facts were always against me playing for my opponents.
       So my dears amd my life i bid you adieu of your empty state of motions,and invite to my mind the state of mind so that i can say

Dec 23, 2009


hey I Have launched my new tech blog


Link : http://tirtha1234.blogspot.com/

do be sure and visit it, ur comments and suggesions are required. Also do submit your queries
will try and solve it, if I can

Dec 1, 2009



Adrija Brought me a gadha last night and told me to make it human like. But I tried hard to think how to make this STUPID Mule smart until it struck me.The result was………………………………

gadhaCOLOR Click the Picture to enlarge


Colored By : ME

Nov 25, 2009


Nov 24, 2009

PIDGIN ( How to Configure GTalk through It?)

When I first installed the UBUNTU 8.04LTS the first thing I configured was the Movie player,ie downloaded the codec s from the UBUNTU COMMUNTY.As I was checking out the various app preinstalled in it I came upon with this PIDGIN a message relay client,so I configured it Instantly with my GOOGLE ACCOUNT and Valla I got my G TAlk in Ubuntu. I had almost forgotten about this wiz gadget until my friend TANMOY tweeted bout it.As of now I know that most of my friends and mates are getting crazy bout LINUX and are trying their hands on different LINUX’s apps so I sould at the moment share PIDGIN with them.

Here’s the step to configure PIDGIN in your LINUX ( I use UBUNTU 8.04 but its the same procedure for FEDORA and OPEN SUSE )

1. Open APPLICATION --->INTERNET----->PIDGIN (its preinstalled in all the linux so nochance you wont get it there)


2.As you open it ,you will be asked to add an account , CLICK on ADD tab.A new window(shown in the screen shot will open),OPEN the BASIC tab


3. SCROLL the PROTOCOL menu to find GOOGLE TALK.Select it.


4.ENTER your GOOGLE user id in SCREEN NAME, ENTER your GOOGLE password in PASSWORD,Your name as LOCAL ALIAS,dont change anything else


5.OPEN the ADVANCED tab, check if CONNECT PORT is 5222,CONNECT SERVER is talk.google.com . SAVE it.


6.YOUR new account for G Talk is created as shown.


You can later change ,modify or delete it as wish


7.Now as you close the previous window,your BUDDY LIST will appear,these are your friends online at that moment(glad that some were online so that I coould take the screen shot)


You can change your status analogous to the G talk App here too,see the screenshot!!


8.Now if you wish to chat with one or more of your online friends just take the mouse cursor over his/her name,their status and details will appear,click on it and You are ready to chat.Type in!!!!!! Screenshot-7

Here , see I’m chatting with some of my peoples from the BUDDY LIST


You can always see you status from the toolbar

Screenshot-11 And, thus your PIDGIN is configured with G Talk. Get chatty and enjoy !!!!!!!!

PIDGIN is also available for WINDOWS XP SP2, VISTA,WIDOWS 7 and also for MAC

FILE TRANSFER is also possible with PIDGIN but limitations are there about the size of the file, I’m not sure but mostly its max around 25 MB



Thus my friends , enjoy PIDGIN and do your FEEDbacks bout what you think bout this app,and my scribbling too. My next venture is to configure TWITTER in PIDGIN lets see if I come successful , as you will know if I do. Until then ENJOY G TALK.


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Nov 16, 2009

ALL IS WELL !!!!!!!!

Hello Bloggers,this is my first blog of the month and specially after a wonderful and splendid visit of MALDA MURSIDABAD with my lovely mates,but I wont be blogging anything bout the trip in the current blog,as it will be done in a special blog later when I will get it well composed as so many things to say but my vocabulary is mere.

The thing I felt last night when I was listening to the ALL IZ WELL track from the film 3IDIOTS inspired me to scribble something down.

All is well“ the three simple words means a lot and holds different aspects and relative meaning in every other beings beings life.”WELL” what20090412125037943 does it actually mean:- well being,well formed,well motivated or just good health,what? Well,WELL actually means all of them,yes, but its relevance is different for different people in terms of their aspects.

What I fell these days that people rather hide their feelings and emotion by these 3 words.No body can be absolutely happy or absolutely well of health but still when you ask somebody How are You?How is everything going? the most obvious and common answer that you might come across is “ALL IS WELL”.

So is these three words the light of hope residing in us all??Is it only for this reason we try to neglect of sufferings,hide it from others but thinking everything is going fine rather very well?? The answer is unknown to me and I will definitely try to find it out soon till then ALL IS WELL for me too.

TOO BE CONTINUED.............

PS: Emotions can only be expressed by human beings,so dont hide them let them flow

Oct 27, 2009

Sada Jama Pora Lok

                   Fossils has released its latest album F3,and as expected from this undisputed no1 Bengali rock band F3 is a awesome collection as was Fossils & Fossils2 was.Tracks such as Bhoot R Tilottoma,Bidroher- Pandulipi,Haspatale,Maa,Phire Cholu are food for the fans.But rather than the music which is always great, what is more likely to get noticed is the albums conceptual theme,Death of a fictional character called “SADA JAMA PORA LOK”,I start a few speculation about him and this is what i felt.

                  The sada jama man is narrated as is being killed by three bullets near  “RAIL LNE ER DHARE”.Lot of speculation


goes over this so called accident,until the sada jama scumbles to death in HASPATAL E,where from he becomes “National Laash”,oviously a “Todonto Commetee” is set up for the investigation.

               Now Train track,accident,todonto comittee does all this sound familiar to any previous newz,yes it does! I will not certainly name the incident coz as in the song it self after the incident for few days his ”BHOKTERA” becomes “KICHUTA HOTAASH”,ya only for few days of course!

                   Now really this is human nature,people shows their interest only until the news is hot,then all becomes normal.But the band has obviously showed how the at least haven't forgotten any incident.

                   Now you may think ooh its just yet again another blab blab about another murder or what of a man who became a great news a few days ago,but no think of it like this,what does SADA JAMA means?Innocence,peace and harmony.The death of Sada Jama shows us how every day our Innocence is being taken away from us. Ultimately as a result of this we are slowly becoming “DANOB” and the band sings about”DANOBER PANDULIPI”.

Image Sourse: fossils3

Oct 16, 2009

Howrah Bridge

                     Today as I was having my first walk on the only suspension bridge in our city ie,”THE HOWRAH BRIDGE”aslo known as “Rabindra Setu” with one of my close friend Aritra da,I was fascinated by this wonderful mighty structure. 

                      09-13-09_144515Its not that I have seen this monumental structure for the 1st time,but its excellence and utilty to the kolkata’s life is of utmost importance is what I felt today.

         Howrah Bridge is the undisputed link of life between Kolkata and Howrah.




The vital statistics of the howrah bridge are::::

Built                     1937—1943

Location               Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Current status       In use

Crosses                Hooghly river

TypeBalanced        Cantilever Suspension

Usage                    Road bridge

Daily Traffic           80,000 vehicles, possibly more than 1,000,000 pedestrians

Builders                 Rendel Palmer & Tritton                                                                             Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd

Material                 Steel

Tower height          82 m

Number of spans     3

Length of spans       99.125 m    457.50 m      99.125 m

Length of drop-in span  172.08 m

                         Howrah Bridge is the gateway to Kolkata. Built on the Hooghly River, its original purpose was to facilitate military transportation between Kolkata and the industrial town of Howrah during World War II. It remains a cantilever bridge connecting the city to its main railway station, the Howrah Station, one of the busiest railway stations of the world.


Early plans

By the 19th century AD, Calcutta and Howrah on the opposite banks of the Hooghly River had grown to be the most important economic and cultural centers of British India, and a need for bridging the Hooghly River arose.

In 1862, the Government of Bengal asked George Turnbull, Chief Engineer of the East India Railway Company to study the feasibility of bridging the Hooghly River — he had recently established the company's rail terminus in Howrah. He reported on 29 March with large-scale drawings and estimates that:

  1. The foundations for a bridge at Calcutta would be at a considerable depth and cost because of the depth of the mud there.
  2. "The impediment to shipping would be considerable".
  3. A good place for the bridge was at Pulta Ghat "about a dozen miles north of Calcutta" where a "bed of stiff clay existed at no great depth under the river bed".
  4. He recommended and designed a suspended-girder bridge of five spans of 400 feet and two spans of 200 feet.

The bridge was not built.

The pontoon bridge

The famous Floating Pontoon Bridge was built in 1874 by Sir Bradford Leslie.


           The Old Howrah Bridge - The Floating Pontoon Bridge.

            The Floating Pontoon Bridge was built using timber on pontoon. The bridge was opened to let river traffic through. The bridge had hinged shore spans since Hooghly River is subjected to tides. During high tides these became very steep and bullock carts were not able to negotiate their way, which resulted in traffic jams. It was also feared that the floating bridge could affect river currents and cause silting problems. With time the bridge became too inadequate for the ever increasing traffic.

                               Due to all these reasons Government of Bengal in 1933 decided to replace the Floating Pontoon Bridge. The Floating Pontoon Bridge which was originally commissioned to service for 25 years, was decommissioned on February 1943, after its long service of 69 years.

The modern bridge

                                Construction of the New Howrah Bridge was started on 1937. The Cantilever Era was prevailing at that time, and engineers felts that cantilever bridges were more rigid than suspension bridges. This bridge is one of the finest cantilever bridges in the world - left to India by the British engineers.



View of Howrah Bridge (1945).

                                Considering various aspects like navigational, hydraulics, tidal conditions of the river and the projected traffic conditions, Rendel Palmer & Tritton came up with a design for a cantilever bridge of 1500 feet, with a 71 feet wide roadway and two 15 feet wide cantilever footways. Considering the quotation from various firms, the contract was awarded to Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd of Darlington, with a strong recommendation that they use Indian-made steel, which they agreed to do. Out of the total 26,500 tons of steel used, Tata Iron and Steel Company supplied 23,500 tons of steel and fabrication was done by Braithwaite, Burn and Jessop Co. at four different shops in Calcutta.

                                The two huge caissons which was sunk (on the first stage of construction) is still the biggest ever sunk caisson on land. It is told that while clearing the muck, all kinds of curious things was brought up, which included anchors, grappling irons, cannons, cannon balls, brass vessels, variety of coins. 40 Indian crane drivers were trained on the job and worked in three shifts of 8 hours each. The job of sinking the caisson were carried out round-the-clock at a rate of a foot or more per day.

                                One night, while grabbing out the muck to enable the caisson to move, the ground below it yielded and the entire mass plunged down two feet, shaking the ground. The impact of this shake was so intense that the seismograph at Khidirpore had registered as earthquake and a Hindu temple on the shore was destroyed; which was subsequently rebuilt. In spite of these challenging situations the caissons were placed true to position.

                               Howrah_Bridge_01 To keep the water out at depth of 103 feet (31 m) around the foundations so that construction can be done, around 500 people were employed on the compressed air operation.The air pressure maintained was about 40 lbs per square inch (2.8 bar). The work on the foundation was completed on November 1938. By the end of 1940 the erection of the cantilever arms was commenced and was completed in mid-summer of 1941. The two halves of the suspended span, each 282 feet (86 m) long and weighing 2,000 tons, were built in December 1941. 16 hydraulic jacks, each of 800 ton capacity were pressed in to service for joining the two halves of the suspended span.



The Howrah Bridge

                        After completing the steel work of the deck and concreting of roadway. the New Howrah Bridge was finally opened to traffic on February 1943. The old Floating Pontoon Bridge was decommissioned. In May 1946, census of the daily traffic on the bridge was taken and it was found to be 27,400 vehicles, 121,100 pedestrians and 2,997 cattle. The rate of only vehicle traffic over the bridge was 20% more than that on the London Bridge, in the same period, which was till then the busiest bridge in the metropolis.

                          The final cost of the bridge amounted to ₤2,500,000.

Sources & Images: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howrah_Bridge                                                    Howrah Bridge-WikiPedia

Oct 15, 2009

ARIIA the AI project of the film EAGLE EYE

I just watched Eagle Eye.
Eagle Eye has no human serial killer or psycho murderer, and, instead, the mastermind is a computer, its execution plan is perfect. Well, it is perfect by rate of probability anyway, as it so often calculates.

Eagle Eye is actually this mega computer built by the Ministry of Defense of the United States, and it has an audio user interface--in the form of a female voice named Aria. It collects all data of all people in the States, and possibly in the world too, and it analyses and makes patterns of these people; it knows everything about everyone, even their personality, so it can actually predict their course of actions when situations arise. As it collects all data, it is connected to all systems and networks, from ATMs to automated trains to common surveillance cameras. That means, it has access to everything electronic in the States, and maybe in the world.

And we all know that computers like this are usually incredibly smart. Now, the government people made a mistake bombing Iraq, and the computer is actually 'angry' over it. It sets itself on a mission to fix the 'corrupted' system by eliminating the corruption point, and that translates to murdering a list of very important country administers. But, the problem is, the program to the mission, called 'the Guillotine' or something, is locked biometrically--as any people designing programs like this would have the right mind to lock them--and the only person whose body is the key is patriotically dead not to let the computer unlock it.

Here comes the twist: another person in the world has his exact looks needed to unlock the program; he has a twin; and that's Shia LaBeouf. So, as any A.I. would do, the computer plans a whole plot to hunt him down and get him to it. And as it can't move, it has to use the sources it has, pull strings, and make people do its biddings--and making people do its deeds is what it does best, for it has information about everyone, giving it the advantage to choose the perfect persons, then arrange the perfect ways to 'motivate' that someone(s) to do as it says.

Speaking of the computer arranging things, the way Aria does things is just too awesome! It's like modern magic! And Aria's like this electronic witch who can turn every electronic system around to suit itself--or herself; it has a female voice anyway--without lifting a single finger (as if she had any)! Yes, it's a little creepy that she knows it all through all the electronic devices we have--and a little surprising to realise how much the whole world and us depend on these things--but still, she's crazy awesome! I think if a real person had all the access that she has, that person wouldn't be able to use it as well as her. Only a computer could navigate and coordinate all the plans like that; and change course that fast when things don't go according to plans.

Throughout the movie, I could almost feel Aria (yes, I'm calling the computer by her name now; Eagle Eye is just the project name) calculating in binary:

Planned step:

- true: next step as planned

- false: next set of plan (calculating...)

But then again, the whole plot of the movie is written by script-writers, so humans are able to think like a computer, as humans made them anyway... But that is not the point here; we are worshipping computers now!

Overall, the movie is a hunt, a race, a competition between humans and a computer. One has the perfect coordination, the artificial intelligence and everything that comes with it; the other is its creator, having the genuine intelligence, and the power to make it--but does it has the power to break it too?

Who will win in the end? The one who literally calculates everything? Or the one who calculated it, who outnumbers it, and who can do more than calculating?

Oct 3, 2009


The blue theme song & chiggy wiggy song are my favourite these days

So,I thought Y not to share them wid u
So u just Sing along wid Me
I didnt Copied it from any site but wrote down them by hearing
them in slow speed for bout more 20 times each

Chiggy Wiggy


Sung By:Kylie Minouge & Sonu Nigam

Every man who ever sees me wants to hold my hand
And be the one who gets me to say Oh I Do
They swear eternal undying devotion, yes they swear
That they will love me forever, love me true

But i don’t need a shining star

And i don’t wanna be rescued

No neither frog nor charming prince
Nor my summers barbequed

[I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you fella
Just chiggy-wiggy with you baby ]2

Free-eeeee your mind
Free is the way to live it up
Free-eeeee to go
Free if i dont wanna give it up

Free-eeeee to groove
The dance floor’s where i wanna be
Free-eeeee to move
White picket fences frighten me

[I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy

I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you fella
Just chiggy-wiggy with you baby ]2

Aaa… dont want a talker
Aaaa… dont need repartee

Aaaa.. dont need a future
I just like to… party

Aaa… forget tomorrow
Aaa… my feet tapping
Aaa.. dont you get it
Why won’t you let it happen

Say you’ll never go
Never ever go
Down upon on your knees

Say you’ll never say
Never ever say
Baby marry me pleeeaasseee

I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you ah ah aaa
Just chiggy-wiggy with you baby


Khatoon ki khidmat mein khiladi ki hai khwaish
Qaatil yeh adaayein qaatilana yeh numayish
Kar le chiggy wiggy mere sang soniye
Kar chiggy wiggy mere sang jaaniye
Kar chiggy wiggy sang sang heeriye
Chiggy wiggy Chiggy wiggy
Chiggy wiggy chigi chig

Chiggy wiggy mere sang soniye
Kar chiggy wiggy mere sang jaaniye

Kar chiggy wiggy sang sang heeriye
Chiggy wiggy Chiggy wiggy
Chiggy wiggy chigi chig

I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy

Tera husn hai rehmat ya ghazab
Tere ishq ibaadat ya khata

I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you fella
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you

Tera husn hai rehmat ya ghazab
Tere ishq ibaadat ya khata
Tu kahe to tere sang sang zindagi
Ya guzaroon aaj ki raat raat

Tu kahe toh din
Tu keh de to shaam
Tu jo kahe woh sach
Jo tu kahe wohi mera naam naam

Kar chiggy wiggy mere sang soniye
Kar chiggy wiggy mere sang jaaniye
Kar chiggy wiggy sang sang heeriye
Chiggy wiggy Chiggy wiggy

Chiggy wiggy chigi chig

I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy
I wanna chiggy-wiggy with you boy

Ho ho.. Chiggy wiggy ho thoda chiggy wiggy
Oh sun haal dil ka
Oh aaja chiggy wiggy oh kar chiggy wiggy
Oh kyun soche kal ka

(I wanna chiggy wiggy with)
Oh aaja chiggy wiggy

(I wanna chiggy wiggy with)
Oh thoda chiggy wiggy sun haal dil ka
Oh aaja chiggy wiggy
Oh come on chiggy wiggy
Oh kyun soche kal ki baat baat

Blue Theme http://ugc.dhingana.com/uploads/news/song-video-theme-song-from-blue-akshay-kumar-lara--4685480884aabc5cb76c016.49947063.jpg

Sung BY:Blaaze, Raqeeb Aalam, Sonu Kakkar, Jaspreet Singh, Neha Kakkar, Dilshad

gash kha ke dig painaa khich… dulleya
kash laake khich lainaa khich… dulleya
dung lainaa das lainaa khich… dulleya
das das bas bas khich… dulleya


gash kha ke dig painaa khich… dulleya
kash laake khich lainaa khich… dulleya
dung lainaa das lainaa khich… dulleya
das das bas bas khich… dulleya

gash kha ke…

BLUE behkauf nigaahein
BLUE bebaak adayein
BLUE shaffaaq dillon mein
BLUE bedaagh wafaaein

BLUE sagar ke dil mein
BLUE jitne khazane
BLUE dil ke sagar mein
BLUE utne fasaane

aatish angaare
sholon ke dhaare
rangeen sharaare
barish ke taare

sad rang wafa ka
sagar mein kyon hai
kabhi surkh lahu hai
kabhi rang blue hai

gash kha ke dig painaa khich… dulleya
gash kha ke dig painaa khich… dulleya

behkauf nigaahein
bebaak adayein
shaffaaq dillon mein
bedaagh wafaaein

behkauf nigaahein
bebaak adayein
shaffaaq dillon mein
bedaagh wafaaein

behkauf nigaahein
bebaak adayein
shaffaaq dillon mein

kudi daa shaloo paataa… hai
shaloo kaun samete… hai
chaachaa choori kutte… hai

kudi daa shaloo paataa… hai
shaloo kaun samete… hai
chaachaa choori kutte… hai

bebaak adayein
bebaak adayein
bebaak adayein
bebaak adayein
bebaak adayein
bebaak adayein



Aug 23, 2009

Diplomats,Liers,Masked people---i hate u all

The fire inside me is growing day by day,the fire of rage,the fire of hatred for the masked peoples around me who speak something in the front and stab me sweetly in the back when I'm not there.
As the kind of people are increasing day by day i can now detect them quite easily,but the real pain lies in the fact that most of them are my near and dear one s whom i trusted the most,may be I'm wrong is what u say,but i have enough seen and felt their hatred toward me which they don't directly speak of.
My life is in a mess because of them,they made me choose the wrong way,they trapped me,they destroyed my sweet innocence,but now i can't do anything but cry,cry the hell.
Why ?why did the did this to me ,am i that bad,i didn't hurt them,i never thought of ever injuring them,but only to help them to my best abilities,then why? i get no answers.yes,u may think that I'm getting quite a psycho,but the fact is,pain is felt to the most if hurt has occurred to thy self.I don't know where my life will lead me,but still then I'll remember the help i have got from them,and will surely try and repay them a part of it if cant the full.

Aug 4, 2009


Got bored of discussing social issues.Really no body cares about them world is and will remain shelfish,ya even I am.But i am kind of gonna let of those issues for the time being coz its august and 1st sunday of August means .........................Friend ship day.
Now, Few days ago it rolled by but as i was stuck with my Exams inspite of the thoughts that came to my mind couldnt blog them.
In the past 22years I have got many a friend but some of them were really unique and special I dedicate this scribbling to them.

A friend who helps out when we are in trouble is a true friend—unlike others who disappear when trouble arises.

Friends are one of most important things in our lives. Unfortunately we have a few real friends. I have a lot of friends- girls and boys. It doesn't matter what they are. They have to be my real friends. He or she has to be good and reliable. It doesn't matter how he or she looks like. He or she has to be responsible and helpful. I think these people are one of the best people in the world. If she or he is attractive and sensitive it will be wonderful! Just like me! But we have to be good with our friends who haven't got character like this. Every man has features which he doesn't like. We shouldn't forget that we are people, too. I'm sure that if we are good with people we will have more and better friends.

I remember how I got
along with each one, how I felt talking to each type, and how close I wanted to keep that person.
It brought back a lot of memories and people that I went to school and high school,college and ongoing University with.
The reason that there are different types of friends is because each person has a different idea of what a friend is and what they do for Friends forever friends, keep close to watch friends, and the kind that you keep around for just when you need something friends are all there because you have different needs and you like to have a different person for each need. To get the feel for each type of person I want you to think of all the different people that you talk to and have been friends with over the course of your lifetime. After you have thought of everyone can you tell the difference between each type? Not everyone can say they just instinctively separate the people they meet and the friends they have without ever thinking about it.

And signing off with:::::::::::::

Friendship isn't how you forget,but how you forgive.
Not how you listen,but how u understand.
Not how you see,but how u feel.
Not how u let go,but how u hold on.

Jul 31, 2009

What really is EXAM?

They say what u currently face u think about it in the succeding times.So,as i am facing the exams now the topic of exams is inevitable,and while trying to think bout it i fell into a deep trouble in finding its real meaning.

According to WIKIPEDIA the defination of Examination is given as:-

"In an academic or professional context, examinations (or exams for short) are tests which aim to determine the ability of a student or a prospective practitioner. Exams are usually written tests, although some may be practical or have practical components, and vary greatly in structure, content and difficulty depending on the subject, the age group of the tested persons and the profession"
If u carefully note it states to judge the ability of a student.Now here i fall into a fix,does according to our country's examination procedure ability means how much u can mug up? and not how much u can innovate?Ya this a real problem they must think of. Take any board CBSE,ICSE,WBSC,SSC etc what do the question comprises of.No prizes for guessing just Questions repeated over and over during a long period.
Why?are the students too dumb to answer tricky questions ?Whats the meaning of getting 99.97% in the exam when u know that 2+2=4 but cant get the value of X from X+2=4.Ya i'm not joking here this really happened.
The administrative head of each board concerned shoul really look into this matter and try to resolve it or else one day will come when we the stupid indian muggers will be in deep pitch.


Living in a big city like kolkata has some Bright side and Dark side too.

Ya i mostly agree with the gooder one such as easy availability of every thing but cant de
ny that some peace essential for the mind is also not being served in my plate

I need time and space to concentrate but i cant find one.Ya it might be the wacky neighbours i hav got but still i think the problem is inside of me "my innerself's".
The daily commution to my working place had had a n effect in my mind and its growing rapidly,being the fact of the people living under the "shanty bridges in khidderpore" or"the girl near the bus stop" who keep asking for alms but without getting one anyday vanished into desolation one day
.Why?i really mean Why?
I know the answer i was wondering was seached by a even being by an immense being too but couldnt get,so there is no question of mine.But still why?why?cant be there be an equality/why cant a being choose his own destiny?Is the pleasures only for certain people.Thoughts dissapear.But THE QUESTION never dies..............................................

Any Messages For Me ?????


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