Jul 31, 2009

What really is EXAM?

They say what u currently face u think about it in the succeding times.So,as i am facing the exams now the topic of exams is inevitable,and while trying to think bout it i fell into a deep trouble in finding its real meaning.

According to WIKIPEDIA the defination of Examination is given as:-

"In an academic or professional context, examinations (or exams for short) are tests which aim to determine the ability of a student or a prospective practitioner. Exams are usually written tests, although some may be practical or have practical components, and vary greatly in structure, content and difficulty depending on the subject, the age group of the tested persons and the profession"
If u carefully note it states to judge the ability of a student.Now here i fall into a fix,does according to our country's examination procedure ability means how much u can mug up? and not how much u can innovate?Ya this a real problem they must think of. Take any board CBSE,ICSE,WBSC,SSC etc what do the question comprises of.No prizes for guessing just Questions repeated over and over during a long period.
Why?are the students too dumb to answer tricky questions ?Whats the meaning of getting 99.97% in the exam when u know that 2+2=4 but cant get the value of X from X+2=4.Ya i'm not joking here this really happened.
The administrative head of each board concerned shoul really look into this matter and try to resolve it or else one day will come when we the stupid indian muggers will be in deep pitch.


Living in a big city like kolkata has some Bright side and Dark side too.

Ya i mostly agree with the gooder one such as easy availability of every thing but cant de
ny that some peace essential for the mind is also not being served in my plate

I need time and space to concentrate but i cant find one.Ya it might be the wacky neighbours i hav got but still i think the problem is inside of me "my innerself's".
The daily commution to my working place had had a n effect in my mind and its growing rapidly,being the fact of the people living under the "shanty bridges in khidderpore" or"the girl near the bus stop" who keep asking for alms but without getting one anyday vanished into desolation one day
.Why?i really mean Why?
I know the answer i was wondering was seached by a even being by an immense being too but couldnt get,so there is no question of mine.But still why?why?cant be there be an equality/why cant a being choose his own destiny?Is the pleasures only for certain people.Thoughts dissapear.But THE QUESTION never dies..............................................

Any Messages For Me ?????


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