Aug 23, 2009

Diplomats,Liers,Masked people---i hate u all

The fire inside me is growing day by day,the fire of rage,the fire of hatred for the masked peoples around me who speak something in the front and stab me sweetly in the back when I'm not there.
As the kind of people are increasing day by day i can now detect them quite easily,but the real pain lies in the fact that most of them are my near and dear one s whom i trusted the most,may be I'm wrong is what u say,but i have enough seen and felt their hatred toward me which they don't directly speak of.
My life is in a mess because of them,they made me choose the wrong way,they trapped me,they destroyed my sweet innocence,but now i can't do anything but cry,cry the hell.
Why ?why did the did this to me ,am i that bad,i didn't hurt them,i never thought of ever injuring them,but only to help them to my best abilities,then why? i get no answers.yes,u may think that I'm getting quite a psycho,but the fact is,pain is felt to the most if hurt has occurred to thy self.I don't know where my life will lead me,but still then I'll remember the help i have got from them,and will surely try and repay them a part of it if cant the full.

Aug 4, 2009


Got bored of discussing social issues.Really no body cares about them world is and will remain shelfish,ya even I am.But i am kind of gonna let of those issues for the time being coz its august and 1st sunday of August means .........................Friend ship day.
Now, Few days ago it rolled by but as i was stuck with my Exams inspite of the thoughts that came to my mind couldnt blog them.
In the past 22years I have got many a friend but some of them were really unique and special I dedicate this scribbling to them.

A friend who helps out when we are in trouble is a true friend—unlike others who disappear when trouble arises.

Friends are one of most important things in our lives. Unfortunately we have a few real friends. I have a lot of friends- girls and boys. It doesn't matter what they are. They have to be my real friends. He or she has to be good and reliable. It doesn't matter how he or she looks like. He or she has to be responsible and helpful. I think these people are one of the best people in the world. If she or he is attractive and sensitive it will be wonderful! Just like me! But we have to be good with our friends who haven't got character like this. Every man has features which he doesn't like. We shouldn't forget that we are people, too. I'm sure that if we are good with people we will have more and better friends.

I remember how I got
along with each one, how I felt talking to each type, and how close I wanted to keep that person.
It brought back a lot of memories and people that I went to school and high school,college and ongoing University with.
The reason that there are different types of friends is because each person has a different idea of what a friend is and what they do for Friends forever friends, keep close to watch friends, and the kind that you keep around for just when you need something friends are all there because you have different needs and you like to have a different person for each need. To get the feel for each type of person I want you to think of all the different people that you talk to and have been friends with over the course of your lifetime. After you have thought of everyone can you tell the difference between each type? Not everyone can say they just instinctively separate the people they meet and the friends they have without ever thinking about it.

And signing off with:::::::::::::

Friendship isn't how you forget,but how you forgive.
Not how you listen,but how u understand.
Not how you see,but how u feel.
Not how u let go,but how u hold on.

Any Messages For Me ?????


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